Tourism Posters // The Process

Creating these posters was one of my favorite projects. The inspiration for these posters came from the retro posters that were created for the US national parks the Tourism and Economic Office in Heber wanted to have some of their own.

They called us and asked for 5 posters promoting, The Railroad, Skiing, Golf, Soldier Hollow (where some of the 2002 Winter Olympics games were held) and the two reservoirs that surround the Heber Valley.

The Process was the same on all of the posters, it started with research and finding photography, here are some of the photos I used for the Train Poster:

After that I used the photos to sketch a few layouts of the poster finishing with the final sketch of the poster.

I dropped the photo of the sketch into Illustrator and began the blocking it out and vectoring the sketch.

Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development have had so much success with these posters that they have commissioned another 5 tourism posters for this year.

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